Reducing Stress By Managing Clutter And Chaos

Clutter and chaos are the two things that can really cause stress and anxiety to just about anyone. People who often lose their car keys, billing statements, or just about anything important often experience a frantic search inside every nook and cranny of their home. Let face it, a lot of us in Florida are retirees and we love our thrift stores and shopping in general. The unfortunate side effect is that a lot of stuff can pile up around our homes.

Constantly losing property and small yet important things can be such a time-waster. Add to that the enormous frustration of not knowing the location of something important at the time when you need that something the most. Sometimes we even end up buying a new version of an item because we can find the original one- crazy and we are just adding more to the clutter!

But there is a way out of the clutter and chaos. Our lives shouldn’t be too complicated or cluttered with a million and one things that we hardly need. Most people have piles and piles of junk, even expensive ones, in their garage, den, bathroom, sleeping quarters, and just about every room in the house where they can stash their hoard of goodies.

So how do we remove clutter and prevent chaos in our Florida home or in the office?

The obvious answer is to keep everything in its proper place. Keeping surfaces in the home and in the office is important. We must be able to have a sense of order and constancy in how our lives and properties are arranged. The same works for any big or small office.

In practical terms, we must learn how to be good organizers. Having a filing cabinet where all important documents can be cataloged and safely kept is not just good for the office but for the home as well. The cleaner and tidier our surroundings look, the less distraction there will be. Another way of un-cluttering and reducing the semblance of commotion in your home is by setting aside spaces where you can keep things based on its category or type. For example, all kitchen utensils should be set aside in a cabinet in the kitchen. All tools and supplies for the car should be in the garage. In short, never mix different things in one place or container.

Here are more ways to find and take care of hidden clutter in your house:

1. Closets- have appropriate storage space for towels, coats, sweaters, scarves, and shoes. Make used of empty shoe boxes you can used it for your knick knacks or paraphernalia like stationaries, sewing supplies or scrap-booking supplies. Get rid of items you no longer used. You can discard it or donate it to charitable institutions.

2. Basement/Attic- Get rid of your old holiday decorations, tons of unused boxes, broken toys and electronics.

3. Garages-You probably have some unused sports and camping gear stuck there so have those things put up for a garage sale. Out door sheds are also popular in Florida and readily available. Just be sure you take the hot and humid Florida weather in consideration we choosing what to pack in an outdoor shed.

4. Under the bed- there might be useless baseballs lurking under your bed and other things that shouldn’t be there.

5. The cupboards in the kitchen- there might be broken cups and saucers, China and nonfunctional oven toasters and rusty waffle makers.

6. Filing cabinets/Desk drawers -your desk is an important place where you do some productivity so if your desk is so disarray with papers, pens, pencils and what have you, certainly it affects how you think and make decisions. It gives you an unfocused mind if you are surrounded with clutter.

7. If you run out of space in your home or just want to get all that extra stuff out of your house, go rent some offsite storage. For instance, Self Storage Centers of America in Tampa Florida has units that come in almost any size you could need and they even have climate controlled units for those items that you do not want exposed to the elements. Check in your area as most larger storage unit operations offer these types of units.

Stress Busting Solutions:

4 Habits of a highly effective organize person:

1. Write Down-a small notepad or notebook will do. Write down the areas that you need to do the filing, cleaning, arranging, task to do or better yet used a calendar to program your de-cluttering activities.

2. A place for everything-find appropriate places for each items like your house and car keys, important papers, your magazines, the children’s toys. the books, dvd’s and labeling them is a aid that will help you remember

3. Clean as you go- make it a habit so it won’t pile up and takes your energy for the clean up sessions. Clean up the mess as soon as possible.

4. Simplify- develop a system on which you can have routine and procedures for the whole family to work on. Deal with your mail, paperwork, bills to pay, laundry, errands like going to grocery or mall. Once you have develop a system be sure to maintain it in order to stay organized.

4 Important Tips You Must Know For Planning A Girl’s Day Spa Vacation

Are you recently decided that you and some of your friends could use some quality time together? If you have, you may want to consider planning a girls’ day at a Cary day spa then you may want to consider Nirvelli Day Spa.  After speaking it over with a few of your close friends, there is a good chance that everyone will agree that it is a great idea!

A nice as it is to hear that you can plan a girls’ trip to a day spa, you may be curious about making the plans. This may be particularly true if you have never visited a day spa before. For tips on how you can plan for your upcoming girls’ trip to the Cary spa, please continue reading on.

1 – Examine All of Your Options

Examining all of your options is important. No matter where you live, you should have at least a couple of day spas within the surrounding area. For starters, be sure to find a spa that can accommodate to you and your group. If you have more ten girls, you may be required to arrange a private party, as opposed to a traditional day spa visit. There are day spas in and around Cary to accommodate any budget.

It is also advised that you examine spa services offered as well. If you are looking for the largest selection of treatments, examine establishments that double as both salons and day spas. Here, you may be able to get a haircut followed by a relaxing massage with your friends. If any members in your group are on a budget, examine day spas with affordable rates.

2 – Know Who Will Be Going…For Sure

Before making your reservations or appointments at a day spa, it is important that you have an exact total of those who will be going. There are some upscale day spas that require you to cancel your reservations within four-eight hours of your scheduled visit. If you cannot, you may be responsible for a late cancellation fee or you may still be charged for the whole session! That is why it is important to not count on those who are still saying “maybe.” If you must, add their names to the reservation list later.

3 – Examine Spa Packages

Most day spas offer guests a large number of packages. These packages often provide you with a full day or at least a half day worth of treatment. In addition to having everyone in your group pick out their own individual packages, you can also inquire about group packages or group rates. Some day spas have been known to offer them. Everyone in your group could receive something like a massage, facial, and body wrap all for one large price, which your group can then spilt the cost of. Ask about weekday specials as well.

4 – Be Sure to Have Fun

Most importantly, it is important to remember to have fun. You and your friends will want to be able to sit back and relax. Encourage everyone in your group to leave the “real world” and all of the stresses and demands that are associated with it at home without leaving Cary city limits. A girls’ day at the spa should be about receiving some much needed rest, relaxation, and pampering, together as friends.

As a reminder, be sure to make your day spa appointments or reservations well in advance. It is best to aim for two weeks ahead of time. Depending on the size of your group, special arrangements may need to be made.

What To Do With That Storage Auction Junk That You Won

Have you recently learned that you can make money with mini storage auctions? If so, you may be excited. Yes, storage unit auctions are a relatively easy way to make money, but there are some risks involved. You may walk away with a pile of “junk,” instead of valuables. Speaking of junk, you may be curious what you could do with it.

Before outlining a few of the many ways that you can deal with junk you acquire from a mini storage auction, it is important to look at the meaning. What do you think “junk,” is? It is a word that has many different meanings and these meanings may have an impact on your actions.

If your find boxes filled with personal information, such as financial documents, this is something that you may classify as junk. Why? Because you cannot resell it for a profit. Your first step should be to turn it over to the storage company. If they do not accept these documents or if you do not notice them until later on, properly discard of them.

Stained clothes are another item that is commonly referred to as trash or junk. Yes, but can you use them? Do you or someone you know sew? Cut out the good parts of the clothes and save them. You can give them away or even sell them. If you end up with a box full of fabric scraps, someone who is crafty may pay for them.

Donating to charity is another option. Most think of junk as things that are broken, but do you just have something that you cannot resell for a profit? Like a used rake. This can be sold at a yard sale, but are you having one? If you opt to resell online, you may not have use for this item. That doesn’t mean that it should be thrown away. Instead, donate to a charity.

Directly following a mini storage auction, you may start storing through your newly acquired merchandise. If you can create a trash pile right away, do so. See if you can dump it onsite. This typically isn’t allowed, but ask. Some storage owners will let you dispose of small things in their dumpster for a fee. This may be cheaper than visiting your local junkyard.

Speaking of junkyards, this is an option. Anything that is broken, cannot be fixed, cannot be resold for a profit, or cannot be donated to a charity, should be thrown away. When possible, visit the dumpsite for your local city or county. This can reduce your fees, as some charge non-residents more money for dumping.

Finally, you always have the option of giving items away for free. Are you hosting a yard sale? If so have a section for your free stuff. Many people like to fix and resell broken furniture and appliances. Those who enjoy gardening or who have active kids may take free clothes, even with small stains. For large items, like a broken piece of furniture, leave by the road with a free sign if your town allows.

If you try to give away items that you refer to as junk, it is best to do so at a yard sale. You can, however, try It is free for you to make a listing. Take a picture of your free stuff and let people set up appointments to see it. This will cost you time, but it will save you money in garbage disposal fees, which can be high for large items. When giving away free stuff, never offer to delivery it yourself.

If all else fails, you may have to throw away a lot of stuff. Sometimes you accumulate a lot more than you every expected and you may need some expert assistance. Raleigh junk removal experts, the Junk Doctors, are a great example of full service junk removal specialists.

As highlighted above, you have a number of different options when looking to dispose of items that you cannot profit from. However, keep in mind that how you dispose of those items can dip into your profits as well. That is why it is usually recommended that you try to dispose of these items free of charge first.